Tools for sale

This section is a special place to sell al the tools I have made and are not sold yet, like over-stock. Most of my tools are made in on request but sometimes I made a special version or something like that.

The tools listed here are already made and completed, waiting for a buyer.

A 15mm paring chisel with handle made out of Laura Faia wood. A beautifull, classic wood. See the pictures below.

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  1. how much and how long to wait for a 3"framing chisel without handle ?

    1. Hello houtslager,

      Thank you for your message.

      Since I have not ordered 3" wide material before, I need to take al look for the cost of that kind of material, before I can give you a quote.

      I will keep you informed!


      Wilco Flier

    2. Forgot to mention, it can take a while because of the new year, I think my steel supplier is closed those days.

    3. Hello Houtslager,

      THe price for a 75mm (3") framing chisel without handle will be €100 ex shipping. Lead time for the next batch will be April.

      I look forward to hearing from you. Can you please give me an e-mail back to wilco.flier /at/

  2. Hey Wilco, do you still have long framing chisels available?

  3. Hey Edwin,

    At the moment, im living in Africa for two years and its very hard to make the chisels here. however i'm still looking for opportunities. How much chisels and what sizes do you want?

  4. Hey Wilco,

    I'd actually hoped to buy 1x 4cm wide, long framing chisel, as I'm building a Timber frame veranda.
    Old school of course! ;-)